Police Traffic Police Model Innovation Through Successful Application Of Traffic Police In Kunming

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With the improvement of living standards of society, the public transport environment of increasing demands. Especially in the tourist city of Kunming, large volume of business of law enforcement work difficult, facing unprecedented challenges. Traffic Police system mostly first-line field staff, in the past, experts rely on the original fixed network mode, line traffic police on duty in the field of law enforcement instruments can not print, can not check to verify the suspects and suspect vehicle, not to discover such hidden illegal problem. Fortunately, since the introduction of Kunming Traffic Police Detachment, based on Microsoft's mobile police communications WindowsMobile has compiled all the traffic police in Kunming with nearly 2,000 handset Dopod P660WindowsMobile achieved with 100% of the per capita rate.

Comprehensive set of licensing inquiries, no place to hide away car  

Awkward situation I:  

The road traffic police stopped a car suspected to be sets of brand vehicles. But if the driver refuses to admit that the traffic police are also likely to be looking car sigh. Because, to judge whether a car "sets" brand needs to call the traffic police to check the data center, long, slow, and sometimes can only give up the idea on the phone line is busy. Since the mobile communication system

police, after on-line, this embarrassing situation will no longer appear in Kunming traffic police bodies. Kunming Traffic Police Detachment of the person in charge, the traffic police in the police license plate number through the input, you can check the details of the vehicle to quickly identify sets of brand vehicles. Data is displayed through the police, traffic police come up with conclusive evidence, offenders could no longer deny, greatly against the offense, increase the efficiency of traffic police.

Appearance point of view, Dopod P660WindowsMobile ordinary mobile phone terminals and there is no different. Why holding a WindowsMobile phone terminal, without having to call and check the center, you can find out whether the set of brand car? It turns WindowsMobile traffic police hand-held mobile phone, it can GP RS Wireless networks, mobile short message, STK intelligent SIM card, voice, IVR, etc., on the public security system for real-time interactive information center database queries, including: vehicle check, drivers check, illegal data, query, traffic Legislation Query, the resident population inquiries related inquiries.

Police through changes in the past not been able to check the road traffic police, checked the vehicle and driver information for the dilemma; and tips for the non payment, penalties and other human convenience gradient measures laid Technology Base of support. Kunming Traffic Police Detachment of the person in charge, from May 2007 to November 2009 period, the team of police officers check all the information 34.78 million, an average 36,200 times a day inquiry; were handled 1.34 million from traffic violations the use of police communications accounted summary punishment punishment has reached 97.6% total; has seized on many occasions not to pay overdue fines Motor Vehicle More than 900 motorcycles were suspected of motor vehicle license plates of five, officers arrested Cyber Pursuit 5. Print improve enforcement efficiency


Awkward situation 2:

Ticket after the road traffic police hands, still need to repeat the operation once again entered the system. In the second entry, due to clerical error or illegible handwriting, often resulting in entry errors. This also used by some people with ulterior motives will inevitably lead to human cases.

Use of police communications, the Kunming traffic police just WindowsMobile mobile terminal input license number, license plate number and the corresponding violations of law enforcement instruments can be generated automatically, and then printing out the ticket. Print ticket content intuitive, and the same as the desktop operating system, which greatly facilitated the traffic police, to open a single time penalty from the handwritten one time 3-4 minutes to 1 minute. Live input, live issue tickets from fundamentally avoid manual labor and the second input of information, reduce handwriting errors and human intervention, not only regulated Law Instruments of production, but also improves the work efficiency.

However, the on-site printing is not so easy. In general, smart phones by the processing power and interface constraints, generally can not be directly connected with the printer. Mobile police in Kunming through the system, WindowsMobile handset easy to use Bluetooth Printer Program , And the printer is connected via Bluetooth, so live it possible to print a ticket.

Furthermore, such a move, improved punishment if punishment, punishment can be enacted in GRPS network to update the information to the Public Information Center of the background database and banks, can not be changed, largely put an end to the human relations, increase enforcement of transparency, further establish the functional departments of the government's good image in public.

First penalty against the non-upgrade driver satisfaction  

Embarrassment 3:

Traffic police traffic violations in the penalty when the driver of the plead often encounter illegal. But the traffic police do not know whether the driver is the first violation, and therefore can not decide whether a warning or a fine. Thus, the traffic police were often to blame are "the Regulation is only considered a fine."

Kunming traffic police system combined with the wide application of mobile police, launched on 21 minor traffic offenses "against the non-penalty first," get the public recognition of Kunming. The so-called punishment is not the first violation, the traffic police for minor traffic violations only given a warning the first two, when the public when the third violation of traffic rules will be punished.

Violation in the penalty, the Kunming traffic police know how many times drivers do illegal? Had encountered the driver violation, the traffic police carry WindowsMobile by mobile terminals to record violation information, and real-time upload to the Public Information Center of the background database. Therefore, the traffic police pass through the police inquiry function, you can find out how many times a driver is illegal, to decide whether to impose a fine.

Against the non-surrender penalty since the implementation, not only has no negative impact, but to enhance the driver's traffic Security Consciousness. One driver said: "A lot of drivers on city roads are not familiar with the case of traffic violation is inevitable, and this measure just so that we increase the vigilance of becoming a victim of rigid systems." Has, Kunming traffic police The first violation of the measures will not be extended to 105 penalty offense, one that reflects the people-oriented traffic management measures.

Now, police in Kunming traffic police as law enforcement through an indispensable tool. Kunming Traffic Police Detachment of the person in charge, according to incomplete statistics, average daily use of traffic police in Kunming through more than 51,000 times the police, the traffic police on duty more than 25 times the per capita consumption; daily punishment of police through illegal billing of more than 600; daily police service through a small amount of more than 2,352 illegal copies of warning entry.

Communication system in the Queensland Police

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Police Traffic Police Model Innovation Through Successful Application Of Traffic Police In Kunming

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