Importance Of The Police Light

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Police cars require different types of lights mounted on them, which enable the police to do their work effectively. There are a few police lights available to police to both illuminate and identify police cars. The most common police light and one that most people can associate with is the light bar. This is mounted on top of the police car and has a siren mounted to it. The light bar can either use halogen, strobe or LED light. The flashing lights are used to warn other road users of approaching police cars or to indicate that one needs to pull over or give way.

The light bar as a police light is very effective, especially LED light bars that are bright and have a large variety of flash patterns. This means that they can be seen from a long distance, giving motorists sufficient time to react. Strobe light bars are cheaper than LED lights and work almost just as well, although they are slowly becoming extinct. The light bar may also include a steady burning halogen light for illuminating accident scenes or dark alleys.

A police light is not however necessarily mounted. There are those that are made to be able to detach from the police cars. These can be concealed and are mostly used by undercover police officers who want to go about their business without being recognized. There can be mounted inside or outside the car. The ones that are mounted inside the police cars are made special to prevent them from filling the car with light. This type of police light is made small to provide for being concealed and retracted when it is needed for police work.

Halogen lights, used for illuminating the scene of an incident, are another type of police light. Halogen spotlights are needed especially at night for officers to see what they are doing. These are commonly seen at the scene of an accident where the vehicle needs to be recovered or people need to be rescued. This form of police light is made extremely bright and can be mounted on virtually any surface, normally the roof or the front grille of the police vehicle. Halogen lights are also used during fog in conjunction with police bar lights to enable other motorists to see an oncoming officer.

Also, luminous sticks are carried on a police vehicle as additional police light. These are used mostly to direct traffic at the scene of an accident. These lights rarely require an external power source as the gas inside them illuminates for many years without using power. Luminous sticks have proven most valuable during rain, at night, during fog or any other low visibility conditions. The luminous lights may also be placed on the road a short distance form the scene of an accident to indicate pending danger. The police light has been an extremely necessary part of policing. It has enabled the police to illuminate dark areas as well as identify themselves. Newer and better technology is being developed and applied to police lights.
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Importance Of The Police Light

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This article was published on 2010/10/19