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According to the most recent Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV) report, there are nearly a quarter of a million traffic crashes in the Sunshine State every year. Of those, a little over half involve injuries, and about one in every hundred result in a fatality. The odds are that if a person drives often enough and long enough, he or she will be in a traffic accident involving injuries—regardless of how attentive and careful a driver he or she is.

– If you are involved in an automobile crash, the first thing that you should do is assess the safety of your physical location. If you're able, make sure that your car isn't likely to be struck again and that hazardous fluids aren't leaking from the vehicle. Once you are sure that your location is relatively safe, check on your injuries and the injuries of other drivers and passengers. Although it may seem counterintuitive to place the vehicle's security before injuries, your situation could worsen rapidly if you don't make certain that you're in a safe location.

– Call nine-one-one (911) and not the nearest local agency. A nine-one-one emergency operator can get multiple resources to your scene from the closest available agencies as rapidly as possible. You will need police officers, rescue personnel, tow vehicles and possibly other specialized emergency responders.

– If the person who struck you is a hit and run driver, you should attempt to get a license plate number or a partial number. If that's not possible, try to get as many details about the fleeing vehicle as possible: color, make, model, special identifiers, tinting, after-market items, location of damage on the vehicle, the direction of travel, et cetera.

– In Florida, the police will ask the drivers and passengers in all of the involved vehicles about the crash. However, they also rely on physical evidence and independent witnesses to complete their investigation. Because of this, you should not move your vehicle if it is at all possible. Independent witnesses should be asked to stay on scene until the police arrive. If not, you should attempt to get their contact information for the police. If you notice that the other driver appears to have been drunk driving or otherwise impaired, you should bring that to the attention of the police.

– The police will either issue you a driver's exchange form or a case number. This is not the police report. A complete crash report should be available at the investigating agency's headquarters after a few days. It is standard practice for the police to list the "at fault" driver as the first vehicle. However, this doesn't mean that driver will ultimately be found at fault in Alachua County or other Florida Courts.

If you sustained injuries in a traffic crash or truck accident, whether the police found you at fault or charged another driver with the crash, you are going to want to contact a reliable auto accident/crash attorney. Insurance companies have a financial incentive to settle quickly and for small amounts. However, a quick settlement from an insurance company rarely benefits the injured party. Professional accident attorneys, like the ones that you'll find at Moody, Salzman and Lash, make it their priority to make sure you receive a full and fair settlement—even if this means taking the case to the Florida civil courts.

If you are a resident of Alachua County or anywhere else in Florida and you've been injured in a motor vehicle crash, contact the Gainesville law offices of Moody, Salzman and Lash at (352) 364-4071.

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If you are a resident of Alachua County or anywhere else in Florida and you've been injured in a motor vehicle crash, contact the Gainesville law offices of Moody, Salzman and Lash at (352) 364-4071.

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This article was published on 2011/05/19