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Becoming a UK police officer offers you the chance to enjoy a very rewarding career with many potential experiences. Police officers are responsible for protecting the public, certainly. However, they are also responsible for supporting crime victims, for investigating crimes and for many other things. Police officers maintain law and order, but also provide a reassuring presence to the local community.

To become a UK police officer, you will certainly need to have some specific characteristics. First, you must have a desire to work with the public and to protect them. You must also have the initiative required to learn new skills and the willingness needed to apply those skills on the job. You must be willing to deal with the possibility of violence, as well as providing help and support for victims, which requires empathy and compassion. To apply to become a police officer, you must pass several requirements. First, you must be a British citizen, or a citizen of the EU. Commonwealth citizens, citizens of EEA states, and even foreign nationals remaining indefinitely in the UK can also become police officers. While there is a battery of tests that must be passed during the application process, there are no hard education requirements, nor are there any height requirements.

One area of concern for many people is the role of a criminal record in applying to become a UK police officer. While minor infractions are allowed, there are quite a few other crimes that will bar you from employment as a police officer, including public offender or violent crimes, as well as receiving a formal caution in the previous five years. Applicants will also have to undergo physical testing to ensure proper fitness for the job. Both dynamic strength and endurance will be tested during this time, and both must be passed to become a police officer. A medical examination must also be passed, during which a physician will ensure that you are in good health, and that you meet medical requirements. Eyesight is another important area here.

While the requirements are not stringent, you must be able to pass an eye exam and remain within standards or your application will be rejected. Finally, your references will be checked, and you will also undergo a background check to ensure that you do not represent a security threat prior to being made a police officer. Finally, it is crucial that you try as hard as possible to match the police officer core competencies at every stage of the selection process. This is how you will be assessed.

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Becoming A Police Officer

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This article was published on 2011/01/07